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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bon Voyage for Our Mothers: From Here to There

May she with no concern cross a familiar room and
head out through a sun-filled doorway.

Watch an exuberant sunset fade to deep sky pricked by light from ancient suns.
Listen to the innocent at bedtime blithely relinquish his cares to God.
Nestle into pillows and mattress shaped over time by her and the beloved.

May she lie down to her rest and awaken to

Breathe air heavy with celestial fragrance.
See colors never painted till now.
Hear love in untold new harmonies.
Shed tears of joy like confetti falling from the ship’s rail onto the dear not-yet departed.

And finally

Feel the fresh rush of her true and everlasting life.

Rebecca Kavanaugh - December 13, 2007

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