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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rise and shine.

It started out as our niece began emailing a quick pic that she had taken while out on her run on a Florida beach, at dawn. Then she added her other aunt, in California, to the emails and then she added her sister in Tennessee (notice how little sister got added last, huh? They do that to each other because they think it’s funny).

Her photos have grown more and more breathtaking, as the images of clouds over the Atlantic or the intricately patterned sand become increasingly complex. Has she ramped up her photographic skills? Has she accomplished this with her new foofoo phone? Is she buying these stunners online and passing them off as hers (I’m just kidding!)?

The thing is, it's an example of how high tech can actually be "high touch". For a few minutes most mornings, we're all connected by something beautiful or funny or touching. The aunt in California says she sleepily hears the beep of the text coming in to her phone in the wee hours (remember it's 6AM on the East Coast and 3AM on the West Coast) and smiles, knowing it's the morning hello from her family on the other side of the country.

We all sleep a little better, these days.

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