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Monday, November 9, 2015

Welcome. A rose by any other name...

You'll see many subjects discussed in this blog. The first one is Writers and Authors: What's the Difference?

I recently attended a program, at the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library, where a panel of authors talked for two hours about writing, publishing, marketing, and many related ideas. They made a distinction between writers and authors --- clearly, to them, one is an author when one is PUBLISHED. They were all published and, consequently, authors. I liked each author and appreciated the obvious effort expended to reach that point in their pilgrims' progress.

Writer vs. Author. I had never made that fine a cut on it, in my mind. Writing for me is a lot like an itch that I must scratch. Sometimes it's a relief, but sometimes it makes the itch worse. It's an urge that persists back there in my brain while I'm concentrating on other necessary things, and it isn't always a pleasant experience. There have been days and nights when I've refused to let the urge take hold because life was demanding much of me at the time. Or maybe I have simply been lazy.

Funny, that word "author". Does it make a difference to me what you call me, if words I write are published? I think not. "Writer" is comfortable, like that pair of walking shoes whose heels I've worn down. No need to dress up for "writer", while I'd have to look in the closet, twice, to be fitted out as "author". 

The clock just chimed, and it's time for me to put on the "writer" shoes and take Lulu for her lunchtime walk. 


  1. So are you an author now that you've published this blog?

  2. I agree with Susan ......You Are a writer :)

  3. Most definitely a talented and brilliant author ;)

  4. Most definitely a talented and brilliant author ;)